Honestly it feels a bit silly updating about this game’s milestones since things tend to progress so quickly, but I gotta post something, right? 


Hydrome – Lv.18 Wartortle: Water Gun, Bubble, Tackle, Seismic Toss

Gaish – Lv.18  Paras: Dig, Scratch, Stun Spore

Faye – Lv.18 Nidoqueen: Poison Sting, Scratch, Tackle, Growl

Muri – Lv.18 Wigglytuff: Pound, Water Gun, Bide, Sing

Sora – Lv.17 Pidgey: Quick Attack, Gust, Sand-attack, Whirlwind

Ziro – Lv.17 Pikachu: Thundershock, Mega Punch, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave

Beat Misty with the team above! It’s funny, when I was a kid I remember her being one of the harder gyms. Not anymore! And now Wartortle has Bubblebeam. When I was a kid a Wartortle with Bubblebeam, Bite, and Ice Beam was my ace in the hole during the mid game. Good memories…

That’s it for now, I’m doing pretty well I think. I’ve actually managed to capture every available Pokémon so far (including a Clefairy!). Now, on to the S.S. Anne and even more Pokémon. Let me know if there’s any Pokémon you’d like to see me use!