Gotta Catch Em' All!

My Journey to Catch all 802 Pokémon!

Another Gym Leader Down! — April 23, 2017

Another Gym Leader Down!

Honestly it feels a bit silly updating about this game’s milestones since things tend to progress so quickly, but I gotta post something, right? 


Hydrome – Lv.18 Wartortle: Water Gun, Bubble, Tackle, Seismic Toss

Gaish – Lv.18  Paras: Dig, Scratch, Stun Spore

Faye – Lv.18 Nidoqueen: Poison Sting, Scratch, Tackle, Growl

Muri – Lv.18 Wigglytuff: Pound, Water Gun, Bide, Sing

Sora – Lv.17 Pidgey: Quick Attack, Gust, Sand-attack, Whirlwind

Ziro – Lv.17 Pikachu: Thundershock, Mega Punch, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave

Beat Misty with the team above! It’s funny, when I was a kid I remember her being one of the harder gyms. Not anymore! And now Wartortle has Bubblebeam. When I was a kid a Wartortle with Bubblebeam, Bite, and Ice Beam was my ace in the hole during the mid game. Good memories…

That’s it for now, I’m doing pretty well I think. I’ve actually managed to capture every available Pokémon so far (including a Clefairy!). Now, on to the S.S. Anne and even more Pokémon. Let me know if there’s any Pokémon you’d like to see me use! 

Just Rock Gym Leader Brock! — April 22, 2017

Just Rock Gym Leader Brock!


Hydrome – Squirtle Lv. 10: Bubble, Tackle, Leer

Ziro – Pikachu Lv. 10: Thundershock, Growl, Thunder wave

Sora – Pidgey Lv. 10: Gust, Sand Attack

Faye – Nidoran (F) Lv. 11: Scratch, Tackle, Growl

My first real victory. I’ve beaten him a million times before but in the context of this challenge it still feels rewarding. Surprisingly enough Pidgey was the real MVP since Onix managed to kill Squirtle with a Bide after I missed with Bubble. Took him down from half heath with the aid of a hefty amount of Sand Attacks. 

Now things open up a little more for team options. Clefairy, Paras, Geodude, Jigglypuff, Zubat, and not long after Sandshrew. Any thoughts on which ones I should use and why? I plan on catching one of each anyway.

The funny thing about these old games is that sometimes the enemy makes some really suprisingly dastardly moves and some really lame ones. Those of you who don’t know, old school Pokémon didn’t have an AI for enemy Pokémon. They’d just randomly use one of their available attacks which is sometimes hilarious. So Lt. Surge might throw electric attacks at your Ground Pokémon the whole battle (not that he has any normal type damage attacks on his Raichu).

What are some of the dumbest A.I. Moves you’ve seen in Red and Blue? Koga used Self Destruct on my Haunter once…

To Nickname or Not to Nickname?  — April 21, 2017

To Nickname or Not to Nickname? 

Ok, Full disclosure? I always nickname personally. Yes, I probbably have a Geodude, Rattata and a Spearow out there all named Todd but I always nickname any Pokémon I catch. I’m just weird like that.

Do you nickname? Why/why not? What’s your favorite nickname you’ve ever given a Pokémon? If not, what’s your favorite nake you’ve ever given your rival?

Viridian City: A Town of Memories —

Viridian City: A Town of Memories

My first real town ever, Viridian City! I remember getting here when I was a kid and being overwhelmed. Now it seems like the smallest town with a Pokémon Center in Pokémon history. Almost everyone who plays Red & Blue ends up spending a little time here catching and training their first team. I figure it’s a good time for me to start catching a few Pokémon to box away for transfer later. So, I might reconfigure down the line, but to start with I’m thinking of using the following:

Squirtle, Pidgey, Nidoran F, Pikachu

I’d like to get them all up to 10 or so before I get out of the Viridian Forest. Also I’m going to catch everything in the area I can. (Since my goal is to complete the Pokédex on Moon it’s not worth catching evolutions like Metapod and Kakuna since I’ll just transfer the first stages to Moon and evolve them there). 

Question for the veterans… do you know about the Missingno Man?

The Winner is Squirtle! —

The Winner is Squirtle!

He won by a single vote. Hey, it still counts as a narrow margin if only one person votes.

Glad to be using my favorite to kick off this challenge. Didn’t have much time tonight, so I snagged a Pokédex and got a Rattata. (in the box you go, little buddy. Probbably forever)

2 down, 800 to go. I’ll get some more done tomorrow.

The Original Three — April 20, 2017

The Original Three

So, the first game is up! Pokémon Blue. Which is, funnily enough, the first Pokémon game I ever owned! Squirtle has always been my favorite starter of the three, but I figured I’d start this out interactively. So comment below with the starter you think I should choose. If I get any comments in the next hour or two I’ll pick the favorite of the comment section for my run through! Let me know which way to go!

1 Man versus 802 Pokémon —

1 Man versus 802 Pokémon

I don’t know if this all of them and omg no, I’m not going to count them.

Hey everybody! My name is Brian and you’re here to read about my amazing journey to fill up up all 802 Pokémon Pokédex entries onto Sun and Moon. I’ve been playing these games for a long time but I’ve actually never completed a Pokédex. So this is me finally becoming a Pokémon master. I’m going to keep this pretty casual as there is already plenty of challenge without daunting rules to worry about but there are a few things you should know.

-I have to fill all 802 Pokédex entries on my Moon game through whatever means it takes.

-Before I start trading with other players I have to beat all the games in my possession and capture everything I’m able for myself. Those games include: Blue (digital download), Black, Black2, Y, Omega Ruby, and Moon. In game NPC trades are fair game though (though I don’t plan on using them super often).

-I can’t capture any Pokémon I already have in any single game. So I have to either use the one I got regardless of nature or choose another Pokémon to use. This only applies to each game individually though. (Basically if it has a “captured” symbol already I can’t catch it).

-I can’t use any Pokémon I already have in my box currently. 100% fresh.

And that’s it. I will warn you guys and gals that as it stands I don’t have a good way to get 3DS screenshots so I’ll mostly be using pictures I source from the internet. We’ll see how things evolve as they progress though. Hopefully my dry wit and observational humor will make up for it.

And awaaaayyyy we go!~